Music on Main Street – Italy,TX

Lions Club Board Members want to bring Live Music to Italy,TX

Lions Club Board Members want to bring Live Music to Italy,TX

“Music on Main Street,” a concept developed by Lion’s Club members, is in the works.

This Live Music event will showcase 3 Independent, Touring bands from across the State. Main Stage is located at the Pavillion in downtown Italy,TX. Tentative event date is November 1st, 2014 from 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM.

Proceeds from this event will go toward purchasing eye glasses for children in surrounding towns, Texas Lion’s Camp, Leader Dogs for the Blind, as well as scholarships for local schools.

Bands, if you want to perform at this event, please submit your band info below. Someone from Hitmusiclink will contact you if your band is selected to perform.

Music on Main St. Band Submission

  • Please complete all sections of submission form, including photo and MP3. Your package will be reviewed, and if selected, you will be contacted. Thank you for taking time to submit for this awesome event.


From the Messenger : Performing LIVE at 2nd Annual Lake Whitney Music Fest

Waco’s “From The Messenger,” has been selected to perform at the Lake Whitney Music Fest in downtown Whitney,TX.

From the Messenger, Waco-TX

From the Messenger, Waco-TX

They will play originals and showcase newly recorded music from their upcoming album.  They take the stage at 11:30.


This is a short interview with a few members of the band giving a quick promotion for their upcoming event.

Lake Whitney Music Fest : July 5th, 2014 (Downtown Whitney,TX)

Lake Whitney Music Fest – July 5th, 2014

Downtown Whitney,TX

6:30pm – Midnight

Performing Artist / Band Genre Start End
Emmeline Jazz / Songwriter 7:00 7:50
Holly Tucker Country 8:15 9:30
Erin Kinsey Country 9:45 10:30
The Johnson Brothers Band Country 10:45 11:15
From the Messenger Rock 11:30 12:15

2014 LWMF Final-2


Holly Tucker to Headline Lake Whitney Music Fest – July 5th, 2014

Whitney, TX – The 2014 Lake Whitney Music Fest is just around the corner (July 5th, 2014) and this year we’re proud to announce another multi-genre event complete with touring regional bands, featuring Headlining Artist, Holly Tucker.

Holly Tucker, Top 6 Finalist, from Season 4 of The Voice on NBC TV, Team Blake Shelton, along with her newly formed Dallas-based band, will give fans a musical treat.  This is a MUST SEE performance!

Back from Dallas, Emmeline, with her jazzy style and original lyrics will kick off the event at 7:00 pm. Switching from piano / keyboard to acoustic guitar, Emmeline is a real crowd pleaser, delivering a smooth and passionate performance.  Emmeline will also perform a 2nd set at Nate’s Colorado Street Grille immediately after her main stage performance.

At 8:15, Holly Tucker takes the stage for a 75 minute performance.  She will perform new originals with her recently formed national touring band.  From what we’ve been told, this new band brings an increased level of quality, something the fans will really enjoy.  Be sure to check out Holly’s new single, just released on iTunes, “More Than Just A Word“!!!

After Holly Tucker’s performance, we’ll reset the stage and prepare for 13 year old Country Music sensation, Erin Kinsey.  Already making trips to Nashville, co-writing original songs and creating videos, Kinsey is guaranteed to amaze.  Her stage presence and youthful energy will have you wanting more…

Switching gears, we welcome Whitney’s own…the Nathan Johnson Band.  Their set is filled with original Texas Country music, guaranteed to please.  Brothers, Nathan and Coleman will perform with their complete band.  Their performance leads us into the later hours of the night, setting the stage for a transition to Rock music.

From the Messenger,” a Waco Rock band with intense guitar melodies and strong vocals from lead singer, Joey Wright, is excited to perform songs from their recently recorded album.    If you love rock music, you’re going to love this band!  Plan to stay late and rock out!


Performing Artist / Band Genre Start End
Emmeline Jazz / Songwriter 7:00 7:50
Holly Tucker Country 8:15 9:30
Erin Kinsey Country 9:45 10:30
The Johnson Brothers Band Country 10:45 11:15
From the Messenger Rock 11:30 12:15

Show ends at Midnight.   Concert sound provided by Loaded Sound and Lighting by Taylor Williams.  For more information, please contact Diana Reed at the Lake Whitney Chamber of Commerce.  (254) 694-2540  102 Railroad Ave, Whitney, TX 76692.

This is a BYOB event (NO GLASS CONTAINERS), so you just need to bring your lawn chairs and coolers, then sit back and enjoy the music.

Purhcase Tickets in Advance below.


Lake Whitney Music Fest – July 6th, 2013


County Road 5 Opens for the 1st Annual Lake Whitney Music Fest


At 5:30 PM, music from the Main Stage at the Lake Whitney Music Fest began playing through the small town of Whitney,TX.  A new event for the Lake Whitney Chamber of Commerce, the Music Fest brought touring bands from across the country, to perform for local residents, giving a flavor of new music from different regions.

Sponsored by the Lake Whitney Chamber of Commerce,, The Great Texas Country Cafe & Pie Pantry, Hilco, and Hill County Title Co., the first annual event brought in music fans for an evening of live entertainment.  Before the show began, everyone rose for the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by the National Anthem, sung by Emmeline, one of the performers for the night.

CR5 9At 6pm, County Road 5 (CR5) took the stage and kicked off the 1st annual event, performing original songs along with a few popular covers.  It was hot, 95 degrees, but CR5, led by Lead Vocalist, Dusty Sharp, performed an incredible set, packed with energy.  Their stage performance and showmanship was exciting to watch, and their music resembled mainstream country music with some Kansas City flare.

After CR5 ended their 1 hour set, they loaded up and headed further south, to perform at 11:30 in Spicewood,TX. Immediately after they headed out, Emmeline, a Singer/Songwriter from Dallas, stepped on the stage and began setting up her keyboard, doing her sound check.


In less than 15-20 minutes, the second Artist began her performance.  Emmeline’s music contains thought provoking, emotionally charged lyrics that get you thinking about life and love.  Her confidence on stage, combined with her ability to connect with the audience, made her one of the crowd favorites.

She mixed her set with fast-paced musical jams and slower, emotional songs written from her life’s experiences.  About 1/4 way through her set, she switched to the acoustic guitar, and began playing new original songs, while continuing to interact with the crowd.  After a few songs on the guitar, she went back to the keyboard and finished out her set, mingled with the crowd, and headed over to Nate’s Colorado Street Grille, for a second performance.  (I think she sold several CD’s …my wife bought 2!)

During the next transition, Los Angeles based band, Back Up Sun, began setting up.  Lead Vocalist, Mark Lazar, along with his entire band, is dedicated to chasing their dream of being a successful rock band.  They’ve performed at major venues in California, and came to Texas to showcase their original music to Texas music fans.  After a short sound-check, Back Up Sun began their set.

BUS 5Immediately, their Cello player began a quick rhythm followed by the full band.  With a mixture of Alternative and Rock, Back Up Sun (B.U.S.) rocked the night, playing their anthem song, “Time 4 Freedom,” drawing a great response.  The Lead Guitarist was incredible, as he hit some awesome solo’s and ripped the Texas air with his sounds.  The band performed a few covers as well, including a sing-along, which got the crowd involved.  During their performance, the sun officially went down, and night was upon us.  The lights and audio were incredible, providing a great atmosphere for listening to new live bands.

As their set ended, and the breeze began to blow, we had one remaining Artist to perform…Stewart Ray, from Manhattan,KS.  A solo performer and talented songwriter, Stewart Ray had been preparing to come to Texas and show Texans what he’s made of.   When he took the stage, he set up his rug and lit some incense sticks to get his mind right.

With the lights on, and the crowd ready, Stewart delivered an incredible performance, playing tons of original music, some of which were first-time debuts, saved for the Lake Whitney Music Fest.  Without a doubt, he was a hit in Whitney.  He went from one song to another, drawing cheers and whistles after each one.  Occasionally, he’d sing a classic Waylon Jennings song and get everyone fired up, and settle into another original song.

Stewart Ray 2As I was in the crowd, a young man (Nathan Johnson) approached me and said, “I know you had a cancellation in the line-up, and I was wondering if me and my brother could play a few songs?  We brought our guitars with us.”   Thinking of the many times I had tried to convince stage managers to allow bands I had managed to do the exact same thing, I replied, “Sure…you’ll have 15 minutes.”  They left, went back stage, and prepared for their performance.

Back to Stewart Ray.  As his set came to an end, I approached the stage, and as his last song was over, I walked to the microphone to thank him and ask the crowd to give him one more round of applause.  But, they were already cheering, whistling, and began shouting, “Play one more!!  –  One more!!!  ”  So, I looked at Stewart and said, “Looks like they want an encore…can you give them a few more?”  “Sure can,” he replied, and he sang a few more for the crowd.

Stewart Ray – Another Song on the Set List

After Stewart left the stage, the Johnson brothers entered, tuned up a little, tested out the mics, and began their performance.  The local Whitney brothers were awesome!  They added a final touch to the night, and ended the series of performances at 11:15pm.  We didn’t capture any footage from the Johnson brothers, but here’s a song they performed that night.  Johnson Brothers – I am Through Loving You

It was an experience putting this event together, and a pleasure working with Diana Reed, of the Lake Whitney Chamber of Commerce.  She is an incredible force in Whitney, and the Chamber’s fortunate to have her representing the businesses in the area.

We recorded audio from the soundboard, directly into our Macbook, and will be releasing a compilation CD soon.  Also, we shot video with 3 cameras, and videos will be coming soon as well.  All in all, it was a great 1st event, and we look forward to making this an annual event…  Please visit the band’s facebook pages and “like” them to keep in touch!  Next year, we’ll have a new round of bands, and maybe some from this year will return!